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Psych-io is a boutique leadership, training & culture consultancy that's here to help you develop your people. 


We bring deep expertise from psychology & neuroscience to help you create the perfect environment that engages, motivates and develops your people.

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Why develop your leadership skills with Psych-io?


All of our specialised recorded trainings balance the why (the science & latest research) with the what and the how (practical discussions & clear next steps).

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Every chapter of every training is ready and waiting for when it suits you.

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The training has be designed so you can pause it & restart it whenever you need to


All of our training courses are designed to be done in pairs or teams, so that you can bring the content to life via guided discussions.

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Specialist Training Workshops available from Psych-io

Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback

Feedback is literally at the heart of all learning as it's one of only two ways our brain learns, along with failure. It's a fundamental skill we use everyday, but often we do it poorly. 

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Setting Stretch Goals

Goal setting is the key to drive our progress & success. It creates motivation, energy, focus and clarity. However, it's often poorly done because  SMART goals are NOT the way to do set impactful goals.

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Co-creating Aligned Performance Expectations

Having clear & aligned performance expectations are critical for being set up for success but they are consistently done badly, if at all. 

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Creating a Performance Culture Workshop Series

This game-changing Workshop Series includes the three Psych-io flagship Training Workshops of:

Giving & Receiving Effective Feedback, Setting Stretch Goals & Co-creating Aligned performance Expectations

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We are developing new training courses regularly, stay tuned

The next expert Training Workshops currently under development include:
      • Creating a culture of Psychological Safety - what is Psychological Safety & how you foster it at work            
      • How to develop resilience & better well-being - what makes up human resilience & your next action steps
      • Creating cultures of innovation and creativity - where does creativity come from & your next action steps

What our collaborators have to say about working with Psych-io

Scott 'Razor' Robertson, Head Coach Canterbury Crusaders

"Andy’s practical application of neuroscience, proved enlightening to me personally & is helping our wider coaching & management group stay a step ahead in 2022. Andy was genuine & authentic in his desire to help our team develop a high-performance mindset & operational skillset.” 

Angus Gardener, GM

“Andy conducted a 2 hour workshop for us & his use of evidence-based neuroscience & practical applications kept us engaged for the full period, which is testament not only to his skills as a facilitator, but also his ability to shape a workshop to meet the needs of the audience.” 

A few of the awesome organisations we've done work with:

Who's this Andy character?

Hi, I'm Andy, I'm the founder & CEO of Psych-io. I'm also a psychologist & lifelong student of neuroscience who brings these science-based insights into our training.
Join me for a virtual training workshop & start elevating your leadership skills today.
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