Meet Andy Longley, Founder & CEO

Andy has been working as a performance psychologist since 2006 with the New Zealand Navy where he supported and coached members of the special forces, Navy divers & world-class operational teams. Andy was also selected to spend a year as a United Nations unarmed peacekeeper in the Middle East where he saw what it truly takes to be resilient & demonstrate genuine leadership where it matters most.

Andy spent several years with Emirates Airlines working as a performance psychologist & coach to both pilots and cockpit teams. He has also spent many years working in talent management & leadership in Europe where he was the senior director for talent & leadership development for adidas globally. It was at adidas where Andy focused his work on psychology & applied neuroscience, believing that from understanding how our mind and brains work, leaders & team members can take their performance to the next level.

Andy is also the co-founder and CEO of who specialise in creating high-performing sports teams through the application of applied neuroscience.

Outside of his work, Andy is likely to be sharing his time between Berlin, Lisbon and his native New Zealand while staying involved in sports & fitness as much as possible. 

Latest Media & Publications

Vocabulary role in actions & decision making

Andy joins Jules from Humans at Work to understand his own career journey, the important role our vocabulary plays in guiding our actions & how we should trust our instincts when making decisions.


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Building Trust & Psychological Safety

Andy joins Riki from the Canterbury Rugby Union to talk about how to build trust & psychological safety with your teams. We explore these buzzwords to understand what they really are, and what practical steps a leader and coach can take.


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Three Ways To Create Your Own High-Performance Culture

Published by Brainz Magazine, Andy shares an entrepreneur’s guide to creating a true performance culture with your team. This featured article shows what constitutes a performance culture plus three practical tips to bring one to life yourself.





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Andy Longley & Julian de Guzman - The Search For Global Talent 


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How to Go Beyond Talent

Invited by GoSolo Publication for entrepreneurs, Andy shares his journey, scars & lessons for other entrepreneurs starting out. 


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My Journey Towards Resilience

Andy shares his personal story & journey towards truly understanding what makes up human resilience. He draws from his unique experiences in the military & the United Nations when working in some of the most demanding circumstances on the planet.


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How to Create a True Performance Culture

Andy offers his practical suggestions for how to create a Performance Culture. These are drawn from his experiences working in high-pressure environments as part of multinational teams when working for the United Nations in the Middle East.

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Sport's Lessons for the Business World

Andy shares key thoughts on how critical our mental state is to our performance. Professional sports have understood the importance of mindset & the mental aspects on performance for centuries. In this article, some key lessons are highlights to learn from trans-industry expertise. 


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Leadership Development for Sports Coaches 

Andy joins Rusty on his Magic Academy podcast to talk about coaches as leaders, the best coaching teams on the planet, creating high-performance environments + sharing a few stories from each of their rugby careers.


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Using Neuroscience to Enrich your Coaching

Part 1 of the 3 part series where Andy Longley shares the science & secrets of creating a high-performing team through building the shared 'WE'.



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